Fri 2020-01-24
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The better Electrical Vehicle !

The better eCars! -- Die besseren Elektroautos!

The electric car shown above was already developed in the late 80s in Germany to the production stage. However, the market launch was deliberately prevented by "strong forces"...

Even today, in the year 2020, this electrical vehicle has data and features that eclipse current production vehicles, even a Tesla. Here are a few of the outstanding details:

  • Retail price identical to a comparable "diesel"
  • Consumption 6.3 kWh per 100 km (only!)
  • Rechargeable with a simple solar panel
  • Time to fully "refuel"  5..10 minutes

I do not have the funds of an Elon Musk (Tesla) available. Therefore, in 1992, I had tried to find supporters and investors from the private sector as well as from state politics and the federal government in order to bring this electrical vehicle onto German roads at a reasonable price. Unfortunately unsuccessful!

- - - - -

Many million "diesel" we could have replaced in the decades that have been wasted!

With these wasted decades of further development, we would be in a leading role in electromobility today!

If our politicians are really serious, ...
they will put this electric car on the street now!

Corporate interests are still more important, even in 2019!

eCars AAA design drawing


- - - - -
(only!) Energy content of diesel fuel: 1 liter = 9.7 kWh

[ xx1 ] YouTube video Who Killed The Electric Car
[ xx2 ] Similar foolish action in the US with the EV1 (german)